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Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders, Engineers, and Change Agents

Leadership and Advisory Board

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Angel Mosley

Founder, Board Chair

Youth Outreach Director

Steve Adegbite

Board Member

Program Content Director

   CEO - Chief Experience Officer ICI Events

  Board Member - Special Events

Michael Scott Schindler

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CyberSecurity GameChangers was started with the mission to bring diversity to the Cybersecurity industry and to proactively address the talent gap.  We have the privilege of serving our community as a 501c3 nonprofit program. Partnering with local and national STEM programs, we have the resources & volunteer structure to provide students & parents with the pathways needed to Educate, Motivate, and Deliver our NextGen into careers that will ‘Change the Game’ for them & their family dynamics. 


Founding principles: 

  • Servant Leadership:  To whom much is Given, much is Required

  • Build interest and talent early in STEM and Cybersecurity

  • Self-Knowledge:  You have the POWER to make a difference Now!

  • Promote an environment of Continuous Learning and Improvement

  • Engagement and Outreach from the Corporate community

Our Symposium events feature industry experts and guest speakers from local, national and international colleges and organizations. Symposiums include SecKidHero & Super Hero (professionals) awards, exhibits, presentations, contests and scholarship opportunities!  Students and parents have a chance to talk one-to-one with local cybersecurity professionals and businesses during our career path networking and mentor meet-ups. 

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